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Compressed Air Solutions  (CAS) is a major supplier of replacement air compressor parts, air compressors, and lubricant. CAS also has an extensive service department that serves the Greater St. Louis, Missouri area.  CAS has everything you need to keep your single-stage, two-stage, and portable air compressor working properly.  Check out our selection of air compressor parts and supplies! 


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Air compressors serve a variety of purposes in many industries. Knowing when your equipment is failing will help you repair or replace components without interruption to the work day. Bel... read more >>
Air compressors come in handy for a variety of purposes around the home. While you may not need it all the time, you’d be surprised at how much it can improve your project’s efficiency. Here are a ... read more >>
If you own an air compressor, you know how powerful the tool can be. Since you can use it for so many projects, you want it to last for as long as possible. That means you need to take steps to mai... read more >>
If your business depends on compressed air on a regular basis, you can understand why it would be problematic to deal with a broken-down unit. While that’s an obvious sign that you need to hire an ... read more >>
Preventive maintenance is the best way to keep your air compressor running reliably and efficiently every time you use it. However, even with proper maintenance, you will need read more >>
Many people have no need to own an air compressor because they’re not frequently necessary at home. However, there are times when they can be helpful. Below, there are a few times when yo... read more >>
Air compressor oil is a synthetic oil designed to lubricate the ball bearings and reduce carbon deposits inside a compressor... read more >>
Air compressors are versatile, useful machines for any workshop or job site. If you own one of these tools or are in the market to purchase one, you may have some questions about their capabilities... read more >>
An air compressor powers many electric tools, such as jackhammers, sanders, nail guns, and drills. For those carrying out serious construction and home improvement work that will require ... read more >>
When you have a broken component and need air compressor repairs, you have two choices: You can buy original equipment manufactur... read more >>
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